Connecticut’s Covid-19 Long-Range Forecast:

It is important to put the Connecticut Forecast in a national context because it is increasingly clear that the national recovery has slowed dramatically from the anticipated “snap back” of late spring and summer. Forecasts from leading financial firms—JP Morgan, Moody’s, Goldman Sachs—have all scaled back their growth forecasts. Infection rates are surging in many states: 31 are now in the “Red Zone” and some a reporting among the highest infection rates in the
world. Colder weather is likely to accelerate infections, both because the virus survives longer in cooler temperatures and people will be spending more time indoors and thus more exposed to infection.Continue Reading


The Connecticut Center for Economic Analysis (CCEA), is a University Center located within the School of Business at the University of Connecticut (UConn).

CCEA specializes in economic impact and policy analysis studies, as well as advising clients regarding business strategy, market analysis, and related topics. CCEA focuses particular attention on the economic and business dynamics of Connecticut. CCEA’s studies of state issues are founded on data sets maintained by Amherst, Massachusetts based Regional Economic Modeling, Inc. (REMI), which licenses dynamic models of the state’s economy.