Donate to CCEA

The Connecticut Center for Economic Analysis (CCEA) was established in 1992 to serve the people of Connecticut, by improving their understanding of the state’s economy — past, present, and future. As an institute which provides timely information and reliable analyses about Connecticut’s economy to the general public, we have partnered with the University of Connecticut Foundation to provide a channel for Connecticut residents, and others, to support CCEA’s research.
Operating with the University of Connecticut’s and the School of Business’ blessing, the Connecticut Center for Economic Analysis depends on project contracts and special program assignments for its operations. Even a small amount of public contributions will enable CCEA to deliver a broad range of general public information and data analysis.

  • To initiate a contribution, click the link above to go directly to the UConn Foundation donations page, which will look like the following:
  • Scroll down to the “Gift Details” section, which looks like the following:
  • In either of the drop-down menus, look for the School of Business section,
    and select ” Connecticut Center for Economic Analysis.”
  • Type in the amount that you wish to give, click “Calculate,” and follow the rest of the directions given.

Thank you in advance for your support. If you wish more information about our program, please use the contact email address in the footer below.