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Featured Reports

Predictability of How Single-Family Home Values Respond to a Changing Neighborhood: The Case of Oxford, CT                 November 2014
      This essay offers a high-level review of academic literature that evaluates factors impacting the valuation of single-family residential real estate. The focus is on the impact exogenous events can, may, or will likely have on those residential values. The assessment concludes with a view of the specific situation in Oxford, CT, where construction of a fossil fuel (primarily natural gas) power generation plant has been licensed.

Video from CCEA Partner, Mansfield Advocates for Children (MAC)

      for their Community Connectedness initiative: the Mansfield Community Playgroound :
is pleased to announce: We're Building a Playground, the story of their preparation for their hoped-for Spring 2015 build-out.

    CCEA has collaborated with and contributed to MAC's initiatives since 2012, assisting by providing analysis and recommendations for the Town of Mansfield's Early Childhood Office and the volunteer MAC teams as they focus on their goal:
    All Mansfield Children ages birth through 8 years old are healthy, successful learners, and their families are connected to the community.

CCEA Partner, Richard Parnas, Chemistry Professor at UConn

      is participating with an international effort to develop renewable biodiesel fuel for jets in association with Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University.

Updated November 28, 2014.